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High rigidity ball bearing detachable guide post sets with movable stopper

item Name: High Rigidity Detachable Ball Bearing Guide Post Sets for Press Die Components
Material: Steel, Aluminum
Type: High Rigidity
Color: Blue
Process: Anodized
Size: 32*120mm
Stopper: Movable Stopper
Heat Treatment: High Frequency, Carburized
Hardness: 58-62HRC
Tolerance: Within 0.002mm
Concentricity: 0.002mm
Roundness: 0.002mm
Sphericity: 0.00025mm
Bearing Cage: Aluminum
Ball Bearings: SUJ2
Standard: JIS, DIN, AISI (Custom Made)
Application: Moulds
1. Made from high quality, durable and long lasting hardened steel and anodized aluminum materials.
2. Great hardness and excellent performance high rigidity ball bearing guide post sets.
3. High precision and close tolerance movable ball bearing guide post sets.
4. Custom made for MISUMI standard detachable guide post sets for die sets.
5. Consistent quality control and fast delivery.
6. More products can be produced according to "MISUMI","PUNCH", "DANLY", "DME", "HASCO", "TOHATSU", "FIBRO", "AGATHON", "STRACK", "PEDROTTI", "RAYMOND", "FUTABA","SANKYO", "PROGRESSIVE", "RABOURDIN", etc., or as customers' drawings.

Process (Guide Bushings): 
Sawing material- Lathing (CNC Lathe or Common Lathe)- Heat Treatment- Sand Blasting- Grinding (Rough internal grinding)-Honing (Precision Honing)-Grinding (Rough or accurate grinding)- Grinding (Precision Centerless Grinding)

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