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Stamping Mold Die Button Bushing Misumi standard quare Inner Hole Button Die

Stamping Mold Die Button Bushing Misumi standard quare Inner Hole Button Die:    


Die button bushing also called die and cavity etc., it is the main parts of the outer surface of molded plastic parts. Can be installed on the fixed mold, can also be installed in the movable mold for stamping.


Die button bushing has many models. Such as round and square one from shape; overall style and mosaic style from structure; flat blade and beveled blade from blade. And other anti-waste rebound die button bushing, anti-waste accumulation die button bushing, different shape die button bushing.


Dies belong to easy wastage components, high requirements for material, common material is as below:

1. Stainless steel: SKD11 DC53 SKH-9 SKH51 ASP-60

2. Tungsten steel: YG15 YG8 YG20 KG7 KG3 CD60 V30V V40 and other wear-resistant material.


With the rapid development of stamping dies it has more and more high requirements for die button bushing, our company also continue to introduce humanized and cost-effective products for die button bushing.


For example anti-waste die button bushing


1. Anti-waste accumulation die button bushing match used with vacuum device.

2. Near the entrance there is air suction hole, using vacuum suction device, can’t produce airflow inside die button bushing. Compared to the no air suction hole on it, the effect of waste discharging will be better.

3.  The vacuum pump of the vacuum device can also be replaced by waste vacuum suction components or bucket type vacuum cleaner in the market. As the compressed air is the driving source